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30 Day Get Healthy Challenge, Day 13

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It’s been said that you tend to become like the 5 people that you spend the most time with.

Take a good look at your inner circle of friends, your influencers.  How do they make you feel when you spend time with them?  Do they lift you up or bring you down?

Few things are as stressful as spending prolonged time with someone who slowly chips away at your self-worth, whether intentional or not.  If you know (or are related to) someone like this, see if you can evaluate what it is they do specifically that brings you down.  Let them know how it makes you feel, and politely ask them to stop.  If they can’t respect your wishes, it’s time to limit your interaction with them.

Don’t misunderstand me.  I’m not implying that you need to excommunicate everyone who’s opinion differs from yours.  But I think you know those people who just seem to wear away at your very being when you’re around them. Chances are you are subconsciously beating yourself up already.  Most people do.  The last thing you need is someone else piling on.

Just consider it a nutritional cleanse for your soul.

Dr. Joseph Tsai, D.C.

Dr. Joe Tsai is a chiropractor and health coach dedicated to helping you live up to your maximum potential. You can contact him directly at