Good Enough Is Not Good Enough

The ultimate measure of your life is not what you do in comparison to others, but what you accomplish compared to your own ability.

There comes a time, usually early on in life, when we lose sight of this fact.  At some point, mostly through repetitive conditioning, we come to accept that as long as we are doing as well as the next guy, our life is pretty good.

“After all, it could be a lot worse,” you think to yourself.  “I mean, there are plenty of people out there that would kill to have my life.”

While that might be true, it certainly isn’t very motivating, and in all honesty, it’s probably not even that accurate.  You see, “those people” that you are referring to are thinking the same things you are.  Comparing themselves to the others around them.  Whether they live in a McMansion or a cardboard shanty, as long as it’s on par with the one next to them, they figure they are doing alright.

Write this down and stick it to your mirror:  Good Enough is Not Good Enough!

When you settle for less than you are capable of, the horizon is suddenly right there in front of you.  There is nothing left to strive for, and life becomes very dull.

When it comes to your health, settling for average can be downright deadly.

If you’re the average American, you are overweight.

If you’re the average American, a prescription drug is part of your daily diet.

If you’re the average American senior, you are eating prescription drugs at every meal.

If you are the average American baby, you have been repeatedly injected with neurotoxins before your immune system has had a chance to fully develop.

The average American is sick, overweight, sedentary, drugged out of his mind, and living with one foot in the grave!


Get adjusted on a regular basis to release the power that made the body.  The ONLY power that heals the body.

Not to get rid of your headache or clear up a kink in your neck, but to turn on your Life Force.  To breathe health and healing back into your body.

What drug can do that?

To create true, lasting health and wellness, stay subluxation-free and then begin to reintroduce all of those healthy habits that you let slip away.

Get adjusted, leave average behind, and keep running for the horizon!




Dr. Joe Tsai is a chiropractor and health coach dedicated to helping you live up to your maximum potential. You can contact him directly at