Your Achievement is Driven by Your Passion

The chill is in the air.  The days are getting shorter.

In Western PA, that can mean only one thing.

Football is back!!

From Pee Wee leagues to High School Rivalries to the Hallowed Grounds of Heinz Field, we love our football in the Steel City.

As a popular T-Shirt in the Strip proclaims, “Pittsburgh: A Drinking Town with a Football Problem.”

While I can’t vouch for the first part of that statement, there is no question that in Pittsburgh, football rules.

In fact, for many in the area, football is priority #1.

People who normally couldn’t coordinate a successful trip to the mailbox and back are suddenly orchestrating office pools, tailgate parties, mock drafts, and even ruling as acting commissioner over their own fantasy leagues.
How is it then, that these same people can’t find the time to exercise, or to get adjusted, or to read that one book that can change their destiny forever?  Especially when there are a few months out of the year when football lies dormant!

Don’t get me wrong, I love watching the Steelers as much as anyone.  And if your life’s goal is to be content every game day and do nothing but glue yourself to the TV, then go for it. I wish you much success.

But if you are one of the many who is constantly complaining about your quality of life, dissatisfied with your current level of health, or hoping and wishing that you could achieve more, then it is essential that you develop the same passion and focus in these areas of your life as you have for your hometown team.  After all, this is your life we’re talking about!

Maybe football is not your thing.  The point is, find something you are extremely passionate about and translate that passion into your new goals.  Better yet, set your goals and your life’s ambitions around those things that you are passionate about.  If you have absolutely no drive, maybe you are focusing on the wrong things.

I get it, things like losing weight are not all that fun and exciting…at first.  But don’t focus on the process, focus on the results.  Feel what you would feel 20 pounds lighter and making that outfit you’ve been dreaming of look good.  Envision your life with that completed novel under your belt.  How would it feel to finally live a pain-free life or to be free of cumbersome debt?

Does it take hard work, dedication, and commitment to achieve your goals?  You bet it does.

But you are worth the effort.

After all, the big game is coming up Sunday and it would be easier to just head right home after work and get a jump on the weekend.  But you don’t.  You know you are responsible for the bratwurst and 7 layer dip, so you swing by the store and do what needs to be done.

So now it’s first and 10 with nothing but green space in front of you.  The ball is in your hands.  Now make the play!

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