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30 Day Get Healthy Challenge, Day 17

day 17

I don’t need to tell you that the more consistently you exercise, the healthier you are in general.

But a new study recently reported in Time Magazine suggests that even if you exercise daily for the recommended 30-60 minutes, the long-term benefits might be negated if you spend the rest of your day sitting.  You can read the article here.

In addition to the cumulative effects of a sedentary life, sitting for long periods can place tremendous stress on the lower back.  This is especially true when you are not sitting in ergonomically optimal conditions, which is usually the case.  Standing, even intermittently to break up sitting sessions, gives you a chance to engage your core and ease lower back discomfort.  Additionally, standing burns about twice as many calories as sitting does.  Who doesn’t love that?

The takeaway is that we need to be living more active lifestyles in general to be at our healthiest, even those of us who already engage in regular exercise.

Dr. Joseph Tsai, D.C.

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