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30 Day Get Healthy Challenge, Day 24

Back to Life Chiropractic, GibsoniaDid you ever wonder why the spine is shaped the way it is?  When you look at it from the front, it is straight up and down like you might expect.  But if you view it from the side, you will notice that it has 3 distinct curves, with the neck arcing forward, the mid spine curving back, and the lumbar spine sweeping forward again.

The spine is not shaped this way by chance.  The spine is designed this way for 2 primary purposes.  First, it is most stable when it is properly aligned.  And a stable spine is a strong one that will resist breakdown and decay more so than an imbalanced spine.  Secondly, a spine in proper alignment allows for optimal nerve flow and expression of life from the brain into the body and back again.  A kinked spine that puts pressure on spinal nerves can dampen their signals just like a dimmer switch.

To be at your healthiest, pay attention to your body’s position and posture throughout the day.  Do your best to maintain your spine’s natural alignment.  When sitting, use a lumbar support to maintain a healthy curve in your lower back.  A cervical support roll is great to use under  your neck while lying on your back.  Engage your core and avoid slumping and slouching.

Just like mom used to say, “Shoulders back, head up, stand up straight.”  Mom always knows best.

Dr. Joseph Tsai, D.C.

Dr. Joe Tsai is a chiropractor and health coach dedicated to helping you live up to your maximum potential. You can contact him directly at